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Bubble, bubble, toil and.. trouble?

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Bubble, bubble, toil and.. trouble?

Do you ever wonder why we don’t question the norm more often and when we do, we are a little surprised to find not all is as it seems?

As a mother of young children, I know how much fun bath time can be! Unfortunately, bathing today is vastly different to how it was 50 or even 20 years ago. Instead of using traditional soaps, we tend to lather up with shower gels, foams, and variations of different washes and scrubs. We have an array of bath bombs, oils, and bubble baths to choose from. The difficulty can be choosing bath products you can trust – that are safe, pure and healthy.

Babies and toddlers are particularly sensitive to irritants and the chemical compounds in bath products, and this means that you need to take special care when bathing your children. Bubble bath is one type of product that could be doing more harm than good.

Bubble bath products have more potential to cause harm than any other skin care product. The most common bubble baths are heavily fragranced and are formulated using several harmful chemicals that change the color and even the basic properties of bath water. For babies, this can lead to harmful irritation, skin rashes, general discomfort, and even severe allergic reactions.


Chemicals to Avoid in Bath & Body Products

Children's bath and body products often contain synthetic chemicals that have been linked to harmful health effects.

Sodium laureth sulphate is the most concerning chemical found in bubble baths today. In testing on both humans and animals, this sulphate compound has been proven to cause both eye and skin irritation. While Australian tests indicate that products containing sulphates are safe for human use, this is only based on evidence that they don’t cause damage to DNA. That’s only a small concession! Even temporary respiratory, eye, or skin irritation in children is something to avoid.

These chemicals are considered so severe and damaging to health, that in many countries, fresh produce cannot be treated by sulphates or sulfites if it’s intended to be eaten raw. If it’s not good enough to eat, where’s the sense in using sulphate-based products on your baby’s skin?

Compounding the problem is the fact that most bubble bath formulations combine sodium laureth sulphate with cocami-dopropyl betaine. This is a chemical enhancer that speeds the absorption of sulphates, and its one of the reasons why many children react in such a severe way to bubble baths and other sulphate-based bath products.

There’s simply too much risk in using harsh and dangerous chemical-based bath products in your home. If you want your children to feel happy and healthy and have fun – there are better options.

Choose Organic: Safer, Bubble-Free Baths for Babies and Toddlers

Organic bath products free of sulphates can prevent skin irritation, rashes, breathing problems, eye irritation. They are even recommended for children who suffer from eczema.

VATÉA Dreamy Bath Wash is the perfect choice for a soothing, safe and fun bath time experience. It’s mild, vegan friendly and extremely gentle. Dreamy Baby Wash has been extensively tested in Australia to be completely safe, even for the most sensitive skin. Dreamy Bath Wash is the ideal replacement for detergent-based bath products, because it gently cleans without stripping baby’s skin of protective oils.

Free of both sulphates and parabens, VATÉA Dreamy Bath Wash is the ethical and organic choice to give you peace of mind when it comes to the health of your children. Go bubble free today and you’ll make a big difference in creating a pure, healthy and happy bath time for your children.

Next time you reach for something in the shops, ask yourself, is there a better, safer alternative for me and my family?

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