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Our guide to organic and natural eczema treatments

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on
Our guide to organic and natural eczema treatments

We only want the best for our family. From choosing fresh nutritious ingredients to investing in sustainably-made clothes, we are all doing our best to give our babies and children the best start in life. For many families, skin conditions such as baby eczema can cause stress and discomfort for our little ones. If you’re searching for a solution to treat dry, irritated and sensitive skin, read on to discover why natural eczema treatments are the best choice for your family.  

What causes eczema? 

Commonly, eczema presents itself as visible irritations on the skin that cause redness, itching and, in some cases, can lead to infection. Eczema is a common skin condition among many babies and children, with 20% of little ones under two years of age affected by eczema. For those babies and children, eczema can cause rashes and dryness in areas such as the elbows, behind knees and across the face, ears, and neck. Although the condition is most common in children, adults can still experience the same eczema symptoms later in life. 

 The causes of eczema vary widely from person to person, but some common characteristics do exist for those impacted by this skin condition. Many children and adults with eczema also experience other allergies, leading many to believe that genetic factors increase the likelihood of an individual experiencing eczema. In some cases, eczema is caused by the skin not being able to retain moisture, leading to dryness and irritation that can cause the skin to come itchy. This is particularly significant for babies and children, as this itching and scratching can cause discomfort, disrupted sleep and increases the chance of allergens entering the skin.  


What misconceptions exist about eczema? 

For such a common skin condition, the causes and treatments for eczema are often misunderstood. Many children and parents believe eczema is contagious and spread between bodies by skin contact. However, this is a common misconception as this skin condition is unable to be spread between babies, children, and adults by physical contact.   

The second misconception that exists about eczema is that eating certain foods will cause this skin condition to occur. While those with food allergies should be careful about what ingredients may trigger an allergic response, the vast majority of those with eczema should be more concerned with taking proper care of their skin to ensure it’s moisturised and nourished with natural products. 

Finally, many people believe eczema is incurable and that those affected will have to live with this condition for the rest of their life. However, with a dedicated skincare routine using natural and organic products, babies, children and adults with eczema can effectively manage symptoms to minimise the chance of flare-ups both now and into the future.  


How do natural products work to treat eczema? 

The best way to treat eczema is to keep dry skin moisturised with natural and organic skin care products that are designed to soothe, soften and nourish. This will help control itching among babies and children to reduce the chances of infection. Here at VATEA, all of our products are made with sensitive skin in mind and made using only Australian Certified Organic ingredients. For those with eczema, our Flaky Skin Box For Kids is perfect to gently cleanse and moisturise with soothing oils and plant extracts designed to support healing and prevent dry skin.  Other key products, are Soothing Oil Wash and Gentle Baby Balm

Looking for more natural eczema-friendly product ideas? Explore VATÉA's entire skincare range here.

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