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As a mother, I now realise how fortunate I was to grow up in a family where skin concerns were a priority. My father co-founded the skincare company, Dermaveen and often brought home new products and ingredients for us to test. This instilled in me the value of key ingredients in formulating skincare products, although it wasn't until a friend gave me Certified Organic Baby products for my first child, that I became convinced of the value of using natural and organic products for the family. It's this experience that I want to share.

It's concerning that almost one in three children is affected by some form of dry skin condition and that the ingredients in some of the most popular and affordable skin care products are often responsible for dry skin.

I only use products free of parabens, sulphates and preferably certified organic as I find these are far gentler on the skin, less irritating and less likely to cause negative long-term impact on my skin and the environment.

Back in 2013, following an amazing six years living in the Middle East with my husband, Mark and our two young daughters, Ellen and Ava, we returned to Australia excited and with a renewed impression of just how fortunate we were to have easy access to fresh food grown in good soil and clean air.


Many discussions about the benefits of coconut oil with family and friends led me to explore the South Pacific, specifically Fiji, as a source of ingredients for a skincare range. My father had been interested in coconut oil as a moisturiser for the skin long before it became popular in Australia. I researched launching a range of skincare with coconut oil as a base rather than the common mineral oil.

During my travels to the South Pacific, I came across many other oils that were also intriguing, for example moringa and tamanu oil. Since the ancient Egyptians, moringa oil has been recognised for its unique stability, soothing and smoothing properties. Tamanu is also impressive historically for its role in sacred rituals in the South Pacific Islands and as a form of skin nourishment and wound healing properties.


My previous experience in the Arts, curating and selling contemporary and modern art exhibitions and auctions in Australia and the Middle East, inspired the design of the Vatea and Our Small World baby range. I commissioned designers and artists to create illustrations that captured the fluidity and ephemeral essence of the ocean and plant life of the South Pacific to visually represent the source of Vatea.

​It is with this experience, along with curiosity and creativity, that Vatea has been developed. I am immensely proud and excited to have developed products that are beautifully presented, scientifically considered and considerate of our environment.